Repository Manager

Perfect for Warehousing File Manager, Media Browser, FTP Application, Online Text Editor.

Organize your warehoused photos and assets directly on your server without FTP client. Provide your customer a way to upload and download documents. Working standalone and together with Volt CMS.

Online Demo

You do not know how to organise your warehoused photos on your server the correct way? You want to provide your customer a way to upload documents, and downoad them? Repository Manager is the perfect answer therefore. It allows you to manage your server files directly on the server without FTP application.

Upload and download all kind of files like images or documents
Define start (sub) directory
Create, rename, or delete folders and files
Move files around the server location
Edit text documents like css, js, html, or php directly on the server
Preview images on a mouse hover
Basic authentication with username/password login
Volt CMS Integration
Translated in different languages (English, German, French, Polish, Dutch, Spanish).



Blocs 4.1 or higher
PHP 7.3 or higher
Blocs project published in root of domain



If you enable the Basic Authentication checkbox, a username / password login form will appear. The default username / password combination is admin / admin.
In order to use another password, generate a password hash on https://hash.blocsaddons.com and enter it in the input field.
In order to integrate with Volt CMS, do not check the checkbox, but add a Vol Page Protect Bric above the Repository Manager Bric.


In order to use another start directory instead of the root directory of the domain, enter a directory name. This directory will be created automatically on the server.
For the Volt CMS integration, it is possible to automatically create a subdirectory underneath the root directory based on theusername of the logged in Volt CMS user.


For available PHP time zones, have a look at https://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php and match it with the servers time zone.
The date locale should be in ISO format like language - country as shown in the example.

Image Uploads

It is possible to restrict JPG image uploads by width or height.