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Volt CMS Version 1.5.0

Please make sure you read the update procedure and check that your server is using PHP 7.3 as described in the prerequisites.

Styles: check for blank in name and value

If you added custom styles with blanks inside the settings input field, sometimes these have not been applied correctly.

Headline tags in blog list and detail

You’re now able to define the headline tags (h1 - h6) for blog list and detail

Responsive videos, 16/9 aspect ratio

You’re able to change the height and width of videos inside the editor properties. By default, they are inserted 16/9. In addition, you are able to select inside the editor properties for each video if this should be displayed responsive (full width). Responsive video is archived with JavaScript and will only be activated if logged out.

Image protection

Like Blocs 4 is able to set image protection per image, you can to the same in the editor properties for each image. Image protection is archived with JavaScript and will only be activated if logged out.

Japanese translation

Editor in Japanese.

Only show in blog list / detail CSS class

Two new classes (volt-blog-hide-in-list and volt-blog-hide-in-detail) have been added, which will be injected in either blog list mode or blog detail mode. Elements tagged with these classes will be hidden accordingly when in blog list or detail mode.

Disqus comments integration

You are able to set a Disqus shortname per blog and enable Disqus comments per blog. Blog post details will then automatically add a Disqus thread underneath the details.

Place of share icons and metadata

Setting per blog bric.

Option to turn jumping to top of post

Setting per blog bric.

Fix recent posts able to gather posts from multiple pages

It is now possible to combine recent posts from different pages.

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