Volt CMS Tutorial

Update Volt CMS

Update Brics

In order to update the installed brics, open the Extension Manager inside Blocs.


If an update for one of the brics (not blocs) is available, it will be displayed here. After update, restart Blocs and reopen the project where you have Volt CMS used in. You will get a update pop up telling you to update all instances inside the project, what you accept.

You are also able to download the complete set of bric and blocs from the Paddle Locker. If you don't have an account there, create one with the email address you used for purchasing the product.

Reinstall Volt CMS Core Bric

Although above described update process should update everything the correct way, it is recommended to remove the Volt CMS Core bric from the global area of the project and re-add it. Be aware that the settings get lost during this process.

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