Iconic Gallery Tutorial



As PHP environment, it is required to use a up-to-date version like 8.0 or higher with a long support cycle.

Regarding PHP default modules and libraries, you need to have

  • GD extension for automatic image thumbnail creation

Consult your hosting company or server administration panel for more information.

FTP Application

Only image files located inside a server folders on your domain are displayed. In order to change these, a FTP application is required (like Cyberduck or Transmit), or Repository Manager as integrated web based solution.


The exported project / website must reside in the root of your domain, e.g.:

  • https://domain.com/
  • https://sub.domain.com/

Having the project inside a subfolder is not supported, e.g.:

  • https://domain.com/subfolder

Blocs App

Version 5 is required.

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