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In order to display recent posts from one of the blogs  to a page, the Volt Recent Posts bric has to be added to the page where these should appear. This can be the blog page itself, or another page, like the home page displaying posts from a blog page.


The Volt Recent Posts bric has different settings

  • The Blog Page setting must point to the blog page you want to pull in the recent posts from.
  • With the query input field you are able to fine tune the posts, for example category=nature will only display posts from the nature category.
  • Number of posts be displayed
  • Start at a later post than the first one
  • Layout (same options like the blog)
  • Fine grain controls to display the image, link to the original posts, and display the description


The recent posts layout can be styled with supplied CSS classes. Here is a reference:

  • volt-recent-posts-item-wrapper: all post items
  • volt-recent-posts-item: post item
  • volt-recent-posts-item-title: post title
  • volt-recent-posts-item-title-link: link of the post title
  • volt-recent-posts-item-body: post description
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